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January Watchlist | 2021

I LOVED this film.

Probably my favourite from 2020. There is the perfect balance of gentleness and complexity throughout the film that all concludes with the most satisfying setup and delivery. Also Steven Yeun.

Every conversation has value and an underlying importance, with a mix of truth and tenderness. This film is absolutely refreshing and has a atmosphere of natural bright colour that brings brightness to the heavy challenges the characters face. I found it quite difficult to watch anything after this film due to its lingering effect. Minari is one of my top recommendations of 2020, and I hope it receives recognition and contention during awards season.

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This film made me feel... alot.

It's an extremely thought provoking film, filled with layers of reflection. A character study that moves slowly over the course of two hours but explores the complexity of human emotion and ideology and excellent performance from Riz Ahmed.

The sound design of the film is precise, detailed and well crafted, connecting viewers into the world of the principle character. It's a fascinating and immersive experience shot on film. For a more in-depth look and review {Click HERE}

Euphoria dropped a bonus two part, single perspective view, following the events of the last season and it was excellent. Part One felt like a longer extended scene with Rue's character, where as the second part tied back to the previous events and consequences of last season with additional set up of what's ahead.

The music selection for euphoria has always been solid reflective echos of the subject matter and this episode was on another level. Monologues were extremely well written, executed and performed with the shows signature flare for intense dramatic lighting and camera movement, that lead to that heavy but thrilling viewing experience.

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