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Sound of Metal | Film 2020 | Fate>Action>Consequence

This film made me feel... alot.


The beauty of shooting on film is the texture. It created the perfect atmosphere and tone for the film, and not to mention, another reflection of the main character and his decisions. When shooting on film, theres a conscious more precise execution of lighting, performances and choice. Rather than digital where there is no consequence in time, retakes and adjustments. It reflects one of the many themes in the film, to be weary of actions and consequences that can not be reversed.

Sound of Metal follows Ruben (Riz Ahmed) a heavy-metal drummer who looses his hearing, throwing his whole world upside down. With Lou (Olivia Cooke) his bandmate and girlfriend, they seek Joe (Paul Raci) the owner of a training faculty to help Ruben adjust to a new lifestyle.

This film is a strict character study that moves slowly over the course of two hours but explores the complexity of human emotion and ideology. It's filled with great performances and hopefully some awards recognition.

The sound design of the film is precise, detailed and well crafted, connecting viewers into the world of the principle character. It's a fascinating and immersive experience into the off beat world of the characters.

It's an extremely thought provoking film, filled with layers of reflection.

It may pleasantly surprise and precedes viewers of any assumptions going into the film. Something to watch if you want to experience, feel and reflect upon after viewing.



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