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Euphoria | the unapologetic reality of teen culture | TV

I’m always hesitant to watch shows that receive a lot of praise if I never watched it on initial release, this was the case for HBO's Euphoria. I've heard numerous people praising the series and a lot of recommendations from friends. It has always been on my list and with the Emmy's fast approaching it was obviously my duty to watch the series that just kept coming up in conversation.

The acclimation the show receives is definitely adequate to the show standards. Euphoria was a show that I went into with no knowledge and a few assumptions. I have never been so wrong. The series took a completely different direction than it was described to me, in the most successful way.

Euphoria shows the gritty realism of today’s youth culture. It's an exploration of different characters who have never been represented on the screen before with full and utter transparency. This is an example of an ensemble cast of talented young actors portraying characters in relevant situations without shying away from diving into deep topics and facing them head-on unapologetically.

Production-wise Euphoria is beautifully shot. The cinematography and styling of the camera placement and framing of characters is stunning, which I believe is the key highlight of the entire series. So many beautiful and seamless transitions that are complex and intricate, which absolutely baffled me on how they achieved certain effects. It's a heavy show, but one not to be missed.



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