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Supernatural Series Finale | The Journey to 15 Seasons

Supernatural is a series that has been in my life longer than I actually started watching the series. It exploded into an internet phenomenon, that even if you've never watched the series you've run across it on the internet.

If a show is been around for 15 seasons... they must be doing something right.

Supernatural is the perfect combination of a narrative semi-procedural show that's has a great evolution from season one to season 15. It succeeds in longevity with the same main characters established from the pilot which is honestly quite rare.

It's a series that knows exactly what kind of show it is, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, like most shows on the same network. It falls under the mythological/horror genre but there are multiple genre-fluid episodes scattered throughout each season that separates the show into its own category.

Supernatural is not afraid to take risks and explore different genres and ways of telling their stories which makes every week so exciting to watch due to the unexpected.

When you’re on the air for so long there’s room to experiment, they do this so well that the most iconic episodes from the series are a result of this experimentation. Each episode is written and framed as its own mini-movie told within 45 minutes, all leading to a grande finale.

At it's core, the show has a classicly great narrative.

Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester drive across the country to fight personified otherwordly and biblical foes with their family motto, “Saving people, hunting things. The family business.” The only characters in television history who take the whole 'I will die for my brother' trope very very seriously... about 7 times seriously.

A story that kept evolving throughout the 327 episodes, that reflect on each plot point from the first season to the last. The show has a foundation of well-developed characters with distinct attributes, flaws, and ever-growing arches.

They keep each episode's structure the same, with the introduction of a case, solving the issue at hand, and setting up the season's theme with playful banter and heart-to-heart chats. They manage to hit these beats so well, that after hundreds of episodes it's never stale or the same. It's a pretty incredible achievement looking back after 15 years.

What Supernatural was best at was their season finales. A perfect 101 guide on how to wrap up a season, and get you excited for the next. Season One's finale will always on my list of Top Tv Finales of all Time, with it's shocking twists, emotional weight, and set up for the following season. They know how to get their audience invested and deliver the expectations of their viewers.

Due to the fact that the show is been around for so long wrapping it up must not be easy. As a fan of the show of course I had my own ending in mind but they still manage to check off all the boxes and tie up and almost every storyline.

I love a show with style, and Supernatural delivers.

From shooting on film for the first three seasons to it's higher production today. Supernatural has an elevated sense of your typically tv cinematography. Any show with a specific genre style lends itself to stunning shots. There's a unique editing flow to scenes in the show which pushes the production to film pacing and framing rather than a cookie-cutter television show. You can tell the series does its best to go above and beyond to deliver a more cinematic episode with a television budget.

"Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" - Dean Winchester (season one)

Bad Company, The Doors, AC/DC, Allman Brothers, Bob Segar & Dylan, classic rock scores the series, playing out of the boy's 67 Chevy impala. From early 2000's fashion and flip phones, Supernatural has that edgy nostalgia littered throughout the series transitioning into a slightly more modern look, without ditching the flannel.

So what makes this show so popular?

I believe, audiences gravitate to the show is due to it's characters and cast. No matter the storyline, there is nothing worse than your favorite show, replacing it's cast over an extended show run (cough cough walking dead). However, that's not the case with Supernatural. It's the reason why one of the most iconic episodes is just one long car ride.

The road so far...

The show takes you on a full life's journey of the Winchester brothers. I loved the show because I simply loved the characters. I’ll be spending the next few months revisiting the series from the first season and watching all of their greatest hits to commemorate their 15-year journey.

The show is perfect for anyone who wants a series with longevity that they can really get invested in, and you may be surprised at how hooked. The first few seasons has it's flaws with fifteen-year-old CGI but if you manage to push through the flip phones, a guarantee you'll enjoy this thrilling ride.


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