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October Watchlist 2020

As spooky season comes to an end, this month is always dedicated to rewatching and revisiting my favorite classic horror films. With that said there weren't too many new watches during the month so I've decided to introduce a new segment rewind/rediscover for films, I haven't watched in a long time. To set some rules, it has to have been at least five years or more.

Here is a list of everything I've watched in the month of October 2020...

As with all my monthly logs, here are my top first time watches of the month...

The Queens Gambit

I absolutely adored this series. I had already set intentions to watch the series immediately, as I'm a huge fan of Ana Taylor Joy's work. I wasn't sure how invested I'd be watching the series if it was a background or phone down eyes glued. From the first 15 minutes, I was instantly invested. The series was so well crafted and intriguing. It reminded me of classic story narratives as we followed the life of the main character as she develops her skill in chess and battles past traumas.

There were long scenes of little to no dialogue that had me absolutely engaged in a time where entertainment pacing is getting quicker and quicker. I love series with the style and the production design was so well detailed, and for a Netflix original this wasn't your typical cookie-cutter series. The performances were solid, I always believed Ana Taylor Joy is my generation next top tier actress, and to watch Thomas Brodie Sangster back on the screen again was delightful.

I can't recommend this series enough, it was thrilling, intriguing and I never thought watching a character push around wooden blocks on a board in silence would be incredibly entertaining.

{Click Here} for more thoughts on the series.


Discovery of Witches

This series has been on my watchlist since 2018, my delay was access. This SundanceNow series was the perfect series to binge this Halloween season and can only be described as Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Twilight for adults. Based on the best-selling novels The All Souls Trilogy, the series follows an oxford academic who discovers an ancient bewitched manuscript, forming an unlikely team with a geneticist vampire, they try to hide the secrets of the script from a higher counsel wanting the extinction of each breed of creature.

The series although based on fantasy is extremely grounded in today's world, which aids in the maturity of the series. In a Shakespearean narrative of bloodlines and power, the series stylistically succeeds in a balance of blending old and new.


Shallow Grave 1994

At 13, I made it my personal mission to watch every Ewan Mcgregor film I could possibly get my hands on, and first on my list was Shallow Grave. This was also my first introduction to Danny Boyle as a filmmaker. 10 years later, I'm noticing a Boyle resurgence in my film tracking for the year.

Shallow Grave still holds its colorful, humorous, and visceral energy today. This film blew my tiny mind at such a young age, with it's intricate and layered narrative and well-crafted plot twists.

It's an extremely underrated film that delivers a great solid thriller base on the classic plot of ordinary people in unexpected circumstances, punched with dark humor and wit.



Although this month may have been short, you can check out my top 20 Halloween watchlist {here} for more recommendations.


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