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December Watchlist 2020

I proceeded with caution going into this show, I haven't been the fondest of apple originals and you never know what to expect with M.Night. This was a refreshing thriller that kept me curious, invested, and intrigued. After mourning the loss of their child, a young couple open their door to a caretaker and potentially mysterious's complicated. Not a Sixth Sense level plot twisst but definitely ones I could not see coming. The story continues in 2021 with the second season, which I've already added to my watchlist.

I never thought I'd be watching a live play on Zoom. Shot inside the Old Vic theater in London, this one hour play managed to be one of the highlights of the month. This was one of many in the Camera Playback Series, productions that are live with a camera team giving the audience multiple views like any stage production would. I've purchased a few that were streaming and Three Kings by far was my favorite.

A one-hour solo monologue of the three kings coin trick. No set design, no other cast, but an extraordinary solo performance by Andrew Scott. Anyone familiar with Scott's work knows his unique ability to enfold sheer intensity, and with a direct to camera performance, this play gets top marks in my books.





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