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Umbrella Academy | Season 2 | Soundtrack of the Summer

Looking for something exciting and comedic to add to your watchlist? No show has a unique, quirky energy like Umbrella Academy.

Season two, follows the same dysfunctional team of superhumans, as they experience the unfortunate side effect of trapping themselves in the 1960's, after they successfully prevented the end of the world in 2019. With yet another apocalypse days away, the group must alter the course of history to get back to their proper time.

Do I prefer season one, absolutely, however this season we got to explore the characters as individuals spending more time with them one on one versus as an ensemble. As with many superhero genre sequels, Umbrella Academy season two falls into the overstuffed subplots of new characters who honestly don't add any extra value to the main plot. There are some low-stakes sideline stories that drag out valuable time in the episodes while getting slightly caught up in it's own style.

However, the success of the series is all due to the like-ability of the characters which is all credit to perfect casting and the performances. The screen is constantly filled with extreme energy and presence, however, it's also the show's downfall as scenes dull down without the dysfunctional team.

Instead of 10 episodes, this season could have easily been cut down to 6 or 8, but in the end it honestly doesn't matter as I'd like to watch another a four minute dancing montage and spend time following these characters doing the absolute most mundane things which is equally as entertaining and rewarding. This season allowed for audiences to connect with each character on their own, and I even found myself starting to favour other characters who didn't interest me as much in the previous season.

The details and design of the show are incredible. Everything from the choreography, cinematography, costume and set design, all work together without overloading the viewers. It's a show that pops off the screen, with colour, characters and soundscape. The star of the season without a doubt was the soundtrack.

I'm a harsh soundtrack critic and it can either make or break any series, this season absolutely did not disappoint and quite possibly made top ten on my ultimate soundtrack list. From Backstreets Back to Bad Guy, Adele’s Hello and Booney M's Sunny. The mix of 60's soul and covers of today's hits, elevated the series completely. It effectively uses music to propel the storyline, to a point where it saved the season.

This is something common in blockbuster comic films, in a time where superhero fatgiue is an ongoing issue since Guardians of the Galaxy popularized the mix of fun, upbeat, nostalgic tracks used as a key cinematic element. However, this show still keeps that over-done remixed pop songs fresh and it surprisingly worked. There's nowhere else you'll watch a choreographed dance/fight scene to Backstreet Boys, better than Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy is the type of show you binge when you want something exciting, comedic, and energetic. It has it's own style that brings you into the dysfunctional, offbeat world of the show.




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