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Equinox {TV Review} 2021

I haven't seen too many films or series from Denmark but all of the ones I have seen are extremely dark...this was no exception.

After the disappearance of a group of classmates decades ago, Astrid (Dancia Curcic) sibling to one of the missing teens, is haunted with troubling visions on the exact anniversary of their myserteous vanishing. She begins to investigate what happened years ago, leading her down a dark and eerie path to the truth.

Theres a great use of editing, alternating from the actions of the present and past, which gives audiences a chance to try to uncover the mystery as it's slowly unravelling. It has such a unique and interesting concept, in a world of sequels and spin offs, that mixes both myth and astrology, to unravel the mystery.

It's a short 6 episode series, that kept the pace of the show moving. It's a slow burn but definitely is not boring.

There were some great performances, but the stand out for me was the cinematography. Exquisite use of lighting and production design created a chilling atmosphere, making the supernatural element of the series feel more grounded in reality.

The show is quite eerie, and there are some major curve balls in the plot that turn this thriller into a full disturbing horror. As a horror fan, its difficult for me to get easily unsettled but this series managed to get under my skin for a few days.

Towards the end of the series, there are still loads of unanswered questions, in an abrupt short-winded finale. It's left for viewers to do their own research on the myths to get a full understanding.



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