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May Viewing Log

46. A new record. wow.

This month I went through some phases. Some nostalgia early in the month, which in any other time than a pandemic would be looked over.

I also purchased a projector, which only deserved the best visuals. Movie theatres may still be closed but it's not stopping me from that experience.

You might be looking at that graphic thinking....why do I see the same actor on 35% of all the posters?

I used to do little Actor Study's all the time back in high school. It was a way for me to watch new things and also exposed to other films, filmmakers and cinematic styles.

I'd select an actor and search up their filmography on IMDB, and simply just watch everything.....and I mean everything. The good, the bad, the oh they were only in it for 10 minutes.

Now you're thinking why would you do this.

It's interesting to see the path an actor takes to the where they are today, do they stay in one genre, or are they typecasted. It's a fun way to look at the evolution of an actor you admire. So even if the film is not the greatest or something you've never heard of, at least you also have some connection to the film and interest you on new directors and talent. This is how I expanded my spiderweb of film knowledge.

February I watched so many British shows, April almost all the Scottish based film and May I became even closer friends to the Irish Film Board. My first travel place post quarantine is UK.

The Lodge

Very Atmospheric.

It's been a while since I've seen a well-done horror film. I was invested the entire time, even when I thought I was ahead of the film, I was quickly put back into place. The 3rd act, for me, had some slip-ups, and lots of unanswered plot points, that I believe should have had some explanation too. Trust me, I love a good open-ended film however, I felt like I didn't have enough understanding to make my own interpretation. This deserves a second watch for sure before I move this film from alike to love.

I was truly terrified the majority of the film, just due to the unknown. The atmosphere is quite chilling (pun intended). I felt myself searching the entire frame for details, keeping me on the edge for the two hours.

Some well-executed scares and shocking moments, the opening scene is one for sure. That threw me for a loop. I'm not talking jump scares as much but that icy, blood draining, a quick tsunami wave of oh-no, what am I in for.

It's in the same family as Ari Asters 'Hereditary' but more of the niece or nephew. Although I wished I saw this on the big screen, the chilling atmosphere seeped through my desktop screen and at times I was thankful for the pause button to collect myself. Looking forward to rewatching this soon.

Click (here) for my non-spoiler review




I can literally go on forever about how much I enjoyed this film.

Firstly I'm ashamed. So many factors should have brought this film to light for me over the past few years and I don't know how I've never seen or heard of it before.

You have Danny Boyle in the director seat, Alex Garland providing deep thoughts on human nature in the dialogue. The super underrated Cillian Murphy, displaying peak 00's aesthetic and a pre-Captain America Chris Evans. What more can you ask for?

I went to film school, and still had no knowledge of this movie's existence. Someone out in the universe has failed me, by not showing me this film earlier. Being a fan of sci-fi, I have now found my new favourite over a decade later.

The Visuals are the key gem here, and I expected nothing less. The use of contrasting colours and framing sold this film. It looked like it was shot a few years ago rather than 2007.

Does the third act have its problems...yes. But it was 2007 give it a break. Did I still have to pick up my jaw that was on the floor...YES.

I was so pleasantly surprised on the diversity displayed in the film, and boy do I miss mid 00's fashion and more importantly the hairstyles. Click (here) for a deeper analysis and review.


Animal Kingdom

I am late to the party, but defiantly brought an overnight bag cause I'm planning to stay.

very very very very very tense.

I'm very picky when it comes to multi-season shows. Excellent performances due to the well-crafted characters.

It truly just keep getting better, each season. Even when I thought it was getting a little slow or stale, an event would happen to lead into a climatic tense ripple effect into the next few episodes.

There's something about the energy of this show, it's so laid back but stressful at the same time. Also, I'm never one to ignore the soundtrack, and this show has some great long road trip music. For me, it's a great watch after you finish Sons of Anarchy, or Peaky Blinders


Middleditch & Schwartz

I came across this on Netflix's and it's been a while since a comedy special made me uncontrollably laugh like this one did.

I never knew long-form improv was a thing and I'm blown away that these two carried on a completely improvised scene for an entire 45minutes.

Not only, did they complete that successfully but set up and entire scene with an insane amount of characters, that they always brought back full circle. Not only did they create characters but swapped roles mid-scene. A true talent.

I am anticipating their next tour to Toronto, as I defiantly want to experience this live. I've been recommending this non-stop, it's a great evening watch.

Batman Begins

Happy 15 Year Anniversary.

A 7 year old Olivia remembers this vividly. Rented from the library as my mom ironed the laundry. Absolutely Terrified by scarecrow... have I come so far. Out of the entire Nolan trilogy, this is the one I've seen the least.

Dark Knight is a constant yearly rewatch for obvious reasons because it's one of the greatest of all time and I grew up at the peak Dark Knight Rises era.

I surprisingly remembered more dialogue lines than I thought and more importantly, it's not as dark as I remembered it to be. The internet likes to poke fun at the Nolan Batmanverse to be dark and dreary and miserable...which it is, but Batman Begins is probably the campiest of the three.

There are some really funny moments and classic batman one-liners in this film, it's not at all as serious as I remembered. An entire 15 years later, and the film still holds, and we can thank this film for giving us the superhero movies we have today.



And that's may!

Due to the volume of watches this month I just wanted to shoutout some other favourites like It Comes at Night, Free Fire, and Anthropoid.

See something on the list I didn't talk about? Have you see any of the films on the list? Comment below, I love talking movies!


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