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July Watchlist 2020

Here is a list of everything I've watched in the month of July 2020...

I honestly didn't watch too much this month, and more so focused on series rather than multiple films. There was one series that completely blew me away, that was so complicated to understand that my brain needed a full vacation afterwards. 2020 is the year of anniversary's and my most favourite film of all time deserved the full spotlight for a 10-year celebration. Along with some new streaming releases, July was a pretty slow month for my watchlist.

As with all my monthly logs, here were my top first time watches of the month...


my brain hurts.

The most genuinely intelligent, confusing, complicated tv series I've ever seen. I've seen the first two seasons earlier this year and waited till the release of the final season to give my final thoughts. I still am completely lost, however, the entire series seems to make sense....does that make sense? I'm in awe at the preparation and planning it must have taken.

Dark focuses on a small town in Germany and the deeply interconnected family ties between 4 families crossing over multiple decades. It's an intricate plot, is not only the most impressive aspect of the series, on the production side, but the show is also visually stunning. Dark, is an excellent title due to the themes of light and shadow not in just themes but reflected visually on the screen.

The most important aspect about time-travel or multi-decade shows is casting, and this show manages to nail almost identical actors to span across three different decades. A character can appear and be instantly recognizable, no matter if they're an adult in 2020 or a teen back in 1986. Not only is it difficult to match a character across multiple decades, but do they have the ability to carry such heavy material. The cast is truly extraordinary.

Production Design ✔️ Score ✔️ Casting ✔️ Cinematography ✔️ Top Sci-Fi Show of all time ✔️

This is a series that needs to be binged. There is so much information, and quite honestly very complicated to understand. I'd like to say it can be overwhelming, but truthfully it is. After completing the series everything makes sense....sort of. The show is completely layered from season one, giving you all the pieces to the puzzle, with no reference image. No other show or film has ever blown my mind as much as this series has, sorry Sixth Sense.

I truly recommend this series, but make sure you have your notebook ready, and a week for your brain to recover. This truly might be the best sci-fi or more specifically, the best time-travel show of all time.


Inception 10 Year Anniversary

10 years, and it's still the best. This has always been my absolute favourite film since it's release back in 2010. I first watched this at 12, rented from the library back in elementary school. To this day, and over the years, I still discover myself finding new appreciations towards the detail, performances, and technical achievements. There is no end to the analysis and interpretation which is why I love this film.

Nolans Inception is the perfect balance of a deep intellectual arthouse film with a blockbuster budget. He revolutionized what films have become today, from it's sleek style and impressive score. It's a film with multiple genres, all layered into an action piece. It's a heist film, a family drama, a sci-fi thriller, an all-encompassing love letter to cinema.

Production-wise, all boxes are check but the extremely talented ensemble cast is the cherry on top. Leonardo Dicaprio is his absolute prime, Joesph Gordon Levitt running through a spinning hallway on wires, Ellen Page as the glue, Tom Hardy being Tom Hardy, and Cillian Murphy carrying all the emotional weight of the film. A wicked group of talent.

What I appreciate the most out of Nolan's work and more specifically Inception is he never underestimates the intelligence of his audience. Where most people believe it's too prestigious, it's quite the opposite. Whereas most films, spoon-feeds audiences information, Nolan gives you a puzzle cube with all the clues and hints available for you to solve, with no wrong answer.


Palm Springs

It's a great blend of comedy, romance, and science fiction. Just when you think the Groundhog Day niche can't get any more original, this film adds a new flavour to the mix. The perfect summer watch, short, easy-going and especially funny.

Palm Springs, follows the blooming relationship of two wedding guests, stuck in an infinite time loop repeating the same day over and over again.

The chemistry between Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti's characters are infectious. They both fill the screen with so much loveable and witty presence, which makes the entire film. The gags are absurd and uniquely original, keeping the laughs on-going.


Westworld Season 3


This is the season we've been waiting for, learning about what the real world looks like in this universe. I was just a few months late after it's premiere earlier in march and it for sure was worth the wait.

This season, there was a definite style shift, as we escape Westworld and into reality. Out of the three, this has one of my favourite episodes from the series. If the already packed ensemble cast couldn't get any larger, we have two new additions with Vincent Cassel and Aaron Paul.

Stylistically this season had the best cinematography, blending Westworld's unique futuristic architecture and production design. The effects were truly up with HBO's cinematic standards.


And that's July!

See something on the list I didn't talk about?

Have you see any of the films or planning to?

Comment below, I love talking movies!


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