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Dark Non-Spoiler Review | Before You Binge

Spoiler-Free Review

Honestly the most genuinely intelligent, confusing, complicated tv series I've ever seen. I've seen the first two seasons earlier this year and waited till the release of the final season to give my final thoughts. I still am completely lost, however, the entire series seems to make sense....does that make sense? I'm in awe at the preparation and planning it must have taken.

Dark focuses on a small town in Germany and the deeply interconnected family ties between 4 families crossing over multiple decades.

It's an intricate plot, is not only the most impressive aspect of the series, on the production side, but the show is also visually stunning. Dark, is an excellent title due to the themes of light and shadow not in just themes but reflected visually on the screen.

The most important aspect of time-travel or multi-decade shows is casting, and this show manages to nail almost identical actors to span across three different decades.

A character can appear and be instantly recognizable, no matter if they're an adult in 2020 or a teen back in 1986. Not only is it difficult to match a character across multiple decades, but do they have the ability to carry such heavy material. The cast is truly extraordinary.

This is a series that needs to be binged. There is so much information, and quite honestly very complicated to understand. I'd like to say it can be overwhelming, but truthfully it is. After completing the series everything makes sense....sort of.

The show is completely layered from season one, giving you all the pieces to the puzzle, with no reference image. No other show or film has ever blown my mind as much as this series has, sorry Sixth Sense.

Everything You Need to Before You Start Bingeing

I truly recommend this series, but there are actually a few things you need in order to have the best experience of watching this show.

Dedicate time

It's probably best to binge this entire show straight through or just plan to watch nothing else in between that might confuse you.

Dark requires a lot of focus, and quite honestly have me a headache or two in the process. It took me a few days after each season to try and understand all the information.

Family Tree

This was my biggest help, and so easily referable at a quick glance. Although information to the family trees keeps adding every episode, it's an easy diagram to visibly see the connections, family relations, secret affairs, missing and found children.

It also adds to the whole mystery of it all by trying to connect the pieces together on your own.

Below I've included a non-spoiler family tree, to start season one. There are so many diagrams available through a quick google search, simply type your season and episode number and a family map are more than likely available.

Here's are some links to the family tree's I've used from each season, with names, relationship statuses, decades, and photos.

Season One Family Tree


It's a lot of information. Having a notebook nearby to help yourself keep track is a great idea. Seems a bit dramatic for a television series, but an extremely helpful tool and add's to experience.


Don't give up. Season one can be very overwhelming, you're tossed into a maze with no map or sense of direction. Also lots of episodes that just pour information with little to no context, just know everything makes sense by the end of the series, and it's quite mindblowing when those final pieces of the puzzle come together.

Try not to get lost too deeply in how the technicalities of time-travel works, just trust that it does. You can get a serious headache trying to comprehend the logistics spanning across multiple decades and the various what-if questions. Save yourself from the frustration of trying to find plotholes cause quite honestly I truly don't believe there are.

It's impossible to outsmart this show, just when you think you're ahead of the series, Dark always manages to knock you three steps back with puzzling material.


So make sure you have your notebook ready, and a week for your brain to recover. This truly might be the best sci-fi or more specifically, the best time-travel show of all time.



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