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Shallow Grave 1994 | Rewind/Revisit

Rewind, Revisit, Rediscover. A series of rewatching film's I haven't seen in a while.

Let's look at....

Shallow Grave 1994

At 13, I made it my personal mission to watch every Ewan Mcgregor film I could possibly get my hands on, and first on my list was Shallow Grave. This was also my first introduction to Danny Boyle as a filmmaker. 10 years later, I'm noticing a Boyle resurgence in my film tracking for the year which prompted this rewatch.

Shallow Grave still holds its colorful, humorous, and visceral energy today. This film blew my tiny mind at such a young age, with it's intricate and layered narrative and well-crafted plot twists. It's an extremely underrated film that delivers a great solid thriller base on the classic plot of ordinary people in unexpected circumstances, punched with dark humor and wit.


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