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Not your Average Pandemic Movie Watchlist

Yes, you have the classic options like 28 Days Later, Contagion, or bingeing 80 seasons of The Walking Dead. I've listed a few films I haven't seen on most quarantine watchlists that are worth a viewing or a revisit with our current situation in mind.

It Comes at Night

This was a spooky watch during a pandemic.

It Comes at Night, is a slow burn drama about the realistic societal implications of deadly sickness. The film follows a family, living in a heavily isolated cabin. Not much is said about the virus, but masks and gloves are required when exposed to the outdoor world.

The terrifying aspect of this film is the implications of how fear affects our minds like a disease, something we're all experiencing during the current pandemic. The unknown. The film translates this fear with a pure atmosphere. It's the most chilling to watch from this list, due to the core principle of human nature and it's true realism in what could be a future outcome of what we're experiencing today.

Rewatching this during quarantine, the film sat a little bit differently and elevated the horror to new heights, not due to any monsters, or ghosts but fear of human nature.

The Cured

That's a lot of metaphor...

I previously saw this film at TIFF back in 2017 and remembered how much I enjoyed it the first time. Amazon Prime has recently added it to their collection and a global pandemic couldn't be a more fitting time to rewatch.

The Cured is an Irish horror-drama, about the reintegration of those who were infected with a cannibalistic disease. A large portion of the population as been cured but society stills stigmatize against the saved individuals, especially when some have murdered family members, neighbours, or friends. It's a highly metaphorical exploration of societal acceptance.

If you want to really deep dive into the film, there are layers of metaphors relating to reconciliation, immigration, and minority communities and how society accepts or ignores those who are different. It's a film, with a lot of takeaways, that deserves discussion, especially with today's current societal movements.

Wolf Hour

Are we sure this wasn't made in April 2020....

Agoraphobia is the fear of being outdoors, in the anxiety-driven anticipation of interacting with crowded society. After weeks of staying home, this fear of the outdoors may become more promenade.

Wolf Hour is centred on this principle as Naomi Watt's character struggles with this internal battle with her paralyzing fear of the outdoors. She views society through her window, radio, and brief conversations with a boy she hired to bring her supplies and groceries. Lots of metaphors are used to ground the film to relevant societal issues we're seeing today touching on the black live matter conversation and police injustice.

During any other time than a pandemic, this film works, however, with the current stature of what the entire world is experiencing this is a film perfect to reflect on right now. Were all stuck indoors at home, while we watch riots in the streets and the injustices happening all around. The film is current and reflective, an embodiment of the 2020 experience.


Where were you when you first heard about the pandemic.

A couple rent a private island cottage, to reaffirm their relationship after experience tragedy. After days without communication check-in from the mainland, they learn about a global pandemic.

2011's Retreat is more of a relationship drama, perfect if you're looking for something slightly worldwide virus related.

It's a quick hour and a half intriguing thriller with a truly escalated to one hundred escalation, with great performances.

Maze Runner Trilogy

What if you're the key to a cure for a global virus, what do you do?

When the young adult action franchise started to go out of trend, The Maze Runner series proved to still engage audiences. A government organization is dedicated to finding a cure to a zombie-like virus that slowly eats away at one's sanity. The young are illegally tested to seek out the immune.

If you're looking for a series to span over your quartine days, this trilogy is excellent. A perfect popcorn series that's both exciting and thought-provoking.



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