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Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always | 2020 Film Review

I can see how this film can be very divisive among viewers due to it's moral and political themes, however the execution leaves little to no debate.

With fear, lack of support and unintended pregnancy, Autumn (Sidney Flanagan) travels out of state with her with her cousin (Talia Ryder).

The film is a vivid and realistic approach to teen pregnancy in a riveting and delicate way. The subject matter is a sensitive topic which can easily not be handled well with fiction film. However, Never, Rarely- feels like a documentary, with it's naturalistic cinematography, and incredible performance from Sidney Flanagan.

Although the film is slow paced, each action moves the story forward, creating this thought provoking audience experience of being with the characters as they make decisions.

It's heavy and tense. A film that can get under your skin unlike horror films because of its grounded realistic nature, thats lingered after watching.



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